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Spruce Up Your Look With Salma's PRO!



Be it a simple blow-dry or classic loose curls or an elegantly braided bun, let your hair be your best accessory!

Everybody adores a hairstyle that is lustrous, graceful and manageable on the go. Nobody can put up with a bad hair day particularly with regards to special occasions, as your hair constitute as the major and highly conspicuous element of your overall appearance. So, if you're bride-to-be or turning up for a fashion shoot, we can cater to any style of hairdo tailored to your preferences or overall look.


Subtle - Bold - Glamorous - Smoky - Dewy - Bridal

What's Your Pick?

From traditional wedding makeover to spectacular chic look, we take into account all styles of make-up that you can flaunt seamlessly on your day - be it your wedding day, fashion show or a corporate magazine shoot. Pampering with hottest, rich brands of cosmetics and gear alongside aesthetic knack, we fashion your makeover to perfection that simply epitomizes your appeal with marvel and elegance.


Finely milled formulas applied with an airbrush tool; providing a flawless veil of makeup.

If you're tired of the cakey looks and touch ups after every hour, then our Airbrush technique can give you a flawless finish, sparking a natural glow that lasts all day long. This light-weight and water-resistant veil provides full coverage with just a spray that you can flaunt in person or in photographs without the guilt of using make-up.